The WACKER Group's Prospects

For 2010, we anticipate that the global economy will grow – shaking off the severe recession of 2009. Whether this recovery gathers enough momentum to be self-sustaining is still unclear. Several indicators point to a low level of growth – with WACKER primarily seeing potential in the so-called BRIC countries. Although the recovery might last through 2011, growth will not have reached 2008’s level by then.

WACKER remains firmly committed to expansion in China. Above all, we will press ahead with setting up and commissioning additional siloxane and pyrogenic-silica production facilities at Zhangjiagang. Another priority is the rapid expansion of polysilicon production over the next two years, so that we can profit from the photovoltaic industry’s ongoing growth.

Since its strategic realignment (on January 1, 2010), WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS – formerly WACKER FINE CHEMICALS – has focused on two markets: food and life sciences. The reorganized division is firmly market-driven. Its main goals are to:

  • / Intensify expertise in these markets
  • / Strengthen our good market positions for cysteine, cyclodextrins and chewing gum base
  • / Develop and commercialize biotech processes