Product Stewardship

WACKER ensures that all its products, if used properly, pose no risk to humans or the environment. Product information is always up to date and any new findings are reflected in risk assessments. We compile material safety data sheets for all our sales products regardless of legal provisions. WACKER publishes over 54,000 material safety data sheets in up to 32 languages.

We continually strive to eliminate and reduce substances harmful to human health or the environment in our products and processes. We pursue this goal in different ways:

  • / We seek to replace hazardous substances with alternatives
  • / If no alternative substance is available, we supply products containing hazardous substances, as far as possible, only to commercial and industrial customers
  • / We develop innovative alternatives to standard market products containing hazardous ingredients

REACH demands extensive information about the properties of chemical products. This necessitates an increase in mandatory animal testing. WACKER makes every effort to avoid such testing and only performs ECHA-required tests. Whenever possible, we use recognized alternative methods, such as in-vitro tests. We classify substances with the same modes of action into groups for testing, and we work within REACH consortia to utilize scientific data from other companies on identical substances.