Research along the Supply Chain

WACKER takes environmental, health and safety criteria into account at every stage of the product life cycle – starting with the raw materials. We try to minimize raw-materials consumption, while selecting materials that offer maximum ecological benefit. For instance, we make cyclodextrins from renewable substances (cornstarch). Cyclodextrins are ring-shaped sugar molecules that trap sensitive substances (such as fragrances and actives) within their cavities. The trapped substances are protected against such environmental influences as heat, air and light, and are released precisely where they are needed.

Sustainable Research along the Supply Chain (graphics)

At WACKER, we make every effort to constantly optimize our processes – their efficiency, environmental aspects, energy consumption and costs. We improve the catalysts used in most of our processes in order to increase selectivity. As a result, we consume less energy, boost product yields and avoid by-products and waste. In 2008, WACKER received the Federation of German Industries’ Environmental Prize for our eco-friendly production of cysteine (an amino acid) from sugar.