Severe Storm Early Warning System (SAFE)

In 2008, groundwork on a research project called SAFE began in Burghausen. As a sensor-activated early warning system, SAFE takes account of the increased intensity and frequency of storms due to climate change. It forecasts severe storms earlier so that emergency-response measures can be initiated. WACKER Burghausen is the sole industrial site participating in this project, which is sponsored by Germany’s Ministry of Research. The aim is to close large data gaps in local weather coverage by interlinking new environmental sensors with existing weather stations and warning systems. The sensor network’s data are to be coupled with multi-regional data (e.g. from satellites) and used in a new forecast model to create geographically and temporally precise weather predictions. Subsequently, it is a question of quickly warning those affected, for example via text-messaging or email. At Burghausen, the research focus is on automated control systems for industrial plants and facility management.