Paths to Globality


WACKER generates nearly 80% of its sales outside Germany and is thus already today a globally-oriented enterprise. Our products are sold worldwide. We work to the same standards of sustainability, environmental protection and occupational safety throughout the world.

When it comes to individual markets, products or customers, we think locally. Our philosophy is that the focus of responsibility for day-to-day business lies within the region – with the people who know their customers. The better our understanding of markets, customers and cultures, the better we are able to recognize and meet their requirements. We are convinced that businesses which operate according to this principle will enjoy long-term success.

This annual report takes four examples to illustrate WACKER’s global orientation, the routes we have taken along the way and the understanding with which we are meeting an increasingly globalized world.

The world is growing ever smaller. In the future, our enterprise and our operations will become even more global. What will remain the same is that markets, customers and cultures will continue to differ. We will continue to do all we can to meet our customers’ expectations, whatever corner of the world they call home. Through high-quality products, outstanding on-site service and our concept of the right way to carry out global collaboration – through partnership and with trust. A sound basis for going forward into the future.