Shareholder Numbers Grow Strongly in Europe – 20% Decline in the USA


An analysis of our shareholder structure in Q3 showed that the number of US-based shareholders had dropped sharply. Whereas some 60% of our shares had been owned by Americans in September 2007, the figure fell to just over 40% a year later. The decline was chiefly due to the subprime crisis in the USA and the ensuing global financial crisis. In contrast, the number of Swiss shareholders rose to 14% (2007: 3%).

Wacker Chemie AG’s largest shareholder is still Dr. Alexander Wacker Familiengesellschaft mbH, Munich. It holds over 50% of the voting shares in Wacker Chemie AG (2007: over 50%).

In 2008, Blue Elephant Holding GmbH (Pöcking, Germany) once again did not have any voting-share changes to report, which means it still holds over 10% (2007: over 10%) of Wacker Chemie AG.

Artisan Partners Limited Partnership, Milwaukee (Wisconsin, USA) owns over 5% of the voting shares in Wacker Chemie AG (2007: over 5%).