Key Products, Services and Business Processes


WACKER’s Siltronic division produces silicon wafers for leading semiconductor manufacturers. These wafers form the fundamental basis for virtually all semiconductor products. Silicon wafers are used to make discrete semiconductor components (e.g. transistors and rectifiers) and microchips (e.g. microprocessors and memory chips).

The WACKER SILICONES division offers customers our broadest product range with over 3,000 products. These span from silicone-based fluids, emulsions, resins, elastomers, sealants and silanes through to pyrogenic silica. We manufacture specialty products individually tailored to meet customers’ needs, as well as standard products primarily used as starting materials in the production of silicones.

The WACKER POLYMERS division focuses on manufacturing state-of-the-art binders and polymer additives such as dispersible polymer powders and dispersions. These are used in diverse industrial applications or as base chemicals in the automotive, construction-chemical, paper and adhesive sectors, as well as in the production of coatings and printing inks. The construction industry is the main customer for polymer binders – used as an additive in tile adhesives, exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS), dry-mix mortars and self-leveling flooring compounds.

For over 50 years, the WACKER POLYSILICON division has been producing hyperpure polysilicon for the semiconductor and electronics industries at its site in Burghausen, Germany. In recent years, it has increasingly supplied the solar industry, too. High demand for its polysilicon has helped make WACKER POLYSILICON the Group’s fastest-growing division. Much of this polysilicon is sent to external customers. Internally, we supply Siltronic with polysilicon to make semiconductor wafers. Other internal customers are our joint ventures – WACKER SCHOTT Solar and Siltronic Samsung Wafer.

The WACKER FINE CHEMICALS division supplies customized biotech and catalog products. These include pharmaceutical proteins, cyclodextrins and cysteine, as well as organic intermediates and acetylacetone. This division focuses on customer-specific solutions for growth areas including pharmaceutical actives, cosmetics and food additives.