Financial Position


The primary aim of our financial policies is to bolster WACKER’s financial strength. The focal task is to sufficiently cover the financial needs of our operational business and investment projects. Organized centrally, the Group’s financial management experts are responsible for cash management and financing, as well as hedging against currency and interest-rate risks. A groupwide financial regulation sets out tasks and responsibilities. See further details on Financial Strategy

Financial Analysis

Effective December 31, 2008, financial liabilities rose €54.6 million. Net financial liabilities, however, showed a credit balance of €32.9 million on the reporting date. This takes account of €305.3 in cash and cash equivalents. Aside from the financial liabilities posted in the report on assets, WACKER has sufficient unused credit lines available to secure the financing of additional future investments. The Group does not use off-balance-sheet financial instruments.

Net Financial Liabilities Showed a Positive Credit Balance