Future Topics

Product Safety
We are currently preparing a further 110 substance dossiers for the third REACH stage, which runs until mid-2018.

Ecological Compatibility
WACKER is continuing to develop its environmental product assessments throughout the Group, which we use for evaluating the sustainability performance of our key product lines.

Research and Development
The Group’s R&D work remains focused on key strategic projects. In 2017, WACKER plans to allocate 11 percent (2016: 15 percent) of its R&D budget to these projects. Our R&D work will prioritize the highly promising fields of energy, consumer care, , construction applications and , with particular emphasis on energy storage and renewable energy generation.

Biotech processes use living cells or enzymes to transform and produce substances. Depending on the application, a distinction is made between red, green and white biotechnology. Red biotechnology: medical and pharmaceutical applications. Green biotechnology: agricultural applications. White biotechnology: biotech-based products and industrial processes, e.g. in the chemical, textile and food sectors.
A substance whose electrical conductivity is much lower than that of metals, but increases dramatically as the temperature rises. Semiconductors can be modified for a particular purpose by doping them with foreign atoms.