Growth Strategy


WACKER has set its sights on a clear goal – to maintain profitable growth.

How Do We Intend to Achieve this Goal?

WACKER concentrates on products and regions with above-average growth. Top priority is given to expanding our presence in dynamic regions and gaining new customers. WACKER wants most of its growth to be organic. However, we do look into the possibility of acquisitions that offer us opportunities for further commercial success. We make sure that any potential acquisition will support WACKER’s long-term strategy.

This strategy is based on the Group’s existing technological and entrepreneurial strengths. Our advanced products directly add value for our customers. We consider it important that most of our business fields command leading competitive positions. Our aim is to ensure that WACKER products and services are the preferred choice of customers in many areas of application.

WACKER’s products are ideally served by key megatrends. These concern energy, urbanization/construction, digitization, and increased prosperity in newly industrialized countries.

WACKER’s Strategy Aims for Profitable Growth

We profit from the energy megatrend in a variety of ways. A key producer of solar-grade polysilicon, WACKER also manufactures numerous thermal-insulation and energy-conservation products. We are convinced that energy will become even more important in the years to come. Falling costs for photovoltaic systems in particular are making solar power increasingly competitive with conventional energy sources. Based on our own estimates, we expect many regions to be able to generate solar power more cheaply than traditional fuels by the next decade. This should finally help solar energy achieve its market breakthrough and become available in higher quantities.

Sustained construction activity (especially in Asia), advancing urbanization and infrastructural expansion all positively impact the demand for construction-sector polymers and silicones.

The world is becoming ever more digital. WACKER uses the digitization megatrend by manufacturing silicon wafers for the semiconductor industry. Increasing product digitization and ever greater silicon demand in the consumer-electronics sector are driving volume growth. Additionally, this development is being fueled by Asian growth that would be impossible without digitization and infrastructural expansion.

The growing prosperity of newly industrialized countries boosts demand for our products – particularly in sectors such as electronics, consumer goods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textiles and medical technology. Rising incomes in these countries enable the consumption of higher-quality products, which benefits WACKER.