Production and Procurement



Over the next two years, WACKER will be commissioning new production capacities. The main focus will be on WACKER POLYSILICON.

WACKER Commissions New Polysilicon Plant in 2009

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Commissioning of Production Facilities in 2009 and 2010







New Capacity







Dispersible polymer powder

30,000 t/a



Polysilicon expansion stage 8

10,000 t/a



Expansion of biologics production facility




Siloxane and pyrogenic silica

200,000 t/a (WACKER share: 25 and 51%, respectively)


Improving plant productivity will remain a key topic at WACKER in the years ahead. In addition to our “Wacker Operating System” (WOS) program, we are planning to set up an academy to specially train our employees for this task.


Over the next two years, we intend to further enhance groupwide procurement processes and more closely interlink collaborations with our international sites. Optimization of raw material procurement, reorganized in 2008, will remain an important focus. We are particularly involved in topics such as long-term supply reliability and the extension of competitive conditions.

Due to WACKER’s large expansion investments, our focus for technical procurement and logistics is on optimizing the handling of large-project business. The challenges there not only include prices and quantities, but also ensuring that plants are commissioned on schedule. With its decision to invest in Nünchritz, WACKER is building its first ever polysilicon plant outside of Burghausen. This new production facility will involve restructuring the Nünchritz site’s logistics in the years to come. To do so, we are planning to reorganize logistics for packaging material and technical supplies, as well as for finished polysilicon products – and interlink these with the site’s existing logistics infrastructure.