Management Systems

At WACKER, we control our operational processes with the help of an integrated management system. The IMS regulates workflows and responsibilities, taking equal account of productivity, quality, environment, health and safety. It is based on legal provisions as well as national and international standards. WACKER’s voluntary commitments regarding the Responsible Care® and Global Compact initiatives exceed legislative requirements. Certified management systems form the backbone of WACKER’s IMS. These fulfill the requirements defined by the ISO 9001 (quality) and 14001 (environmental protection) standards, and partly fulfill the requirements set out by OHRIS/OHSAS (plant and work safety), ISO/TS 16949 (quality) and HACCP (food hygiene).

In 2007, Siltronic’s Japanese subsidiary certified its safety management system according to OHSAS 18001 and recertified its environmental management system to ISO 14001. That means that all Siltronic AG sites have been certified to both these internationally recognized standards. During the reporting period, WACKER Greater China developed and certified an IMS that complies with ISO 9001 and 14001 for the following divisions operating in the region: WACKER SILICONES, WACKER POLYMERS, WACKER POLYSILICON and WACKER FINE CHEMICALS. The Wuxi facility in China attained additional certification of HACCP (food hygiene) compliance.

To document its management-related processes, WACKER introduced customized software (“N5”) in 2007. As a result, we could convert our different documentation systems for our business divisions and corporate departments into a single process map. Building on this, WACKER now aims to certify its quality and environmental management systems groupwide.