Corporate Policy

WACKER is a globally active company that manufactures and sells chemical products, and engages in intensive scientific research. A leader in its core businesses – semiconductors, polysilicon, polymers, fine chemicals and silicones – WACKER forges ahead with innovative chemistry and new technologies, supplying solutions that are market-oriented, energy-saving and environmentally compatible.

Our strengths lie in our leading-edge technologies and products, and above all in our highly trained and strongly motivated employees, whose health and well-being are vital factors for both their commitment and performance. They are aware of the concerns and needs of the communities and environments in which our company operates. They are results-oriented and responsible. Their decisive role in ensuring that we reach our objectives is the basis for the company’s ongoing success.

We use our Integrated Management System (IMS) for quality, health, safety and environmental protection as a means of achieving continuous improvements in our performance and all our activities. Product and service quality has a very high priority. Our strong focus on enhancing quality and customer satisfaction is essential for our success.

Health, safety and environmental protection must be guaranteed at all times. We are fully committed to sustainable development, a principle that is an integral part of our business thinking and practices. We attach equal weight to economic, environmental and social concerns.

Dr. Klaus Blum – Vice president of Chemical Services and Group coordinator for Responsible Care® (foto)

The chemical industry’s business and production processes are complex. It takes farsighted managers like Dr. Klaus Blum to design them in a sustainable manner. As Group coordinator for Responsible Care®, he supports our business divisions and corporate departments in their sustainability efforts.