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As a core element of WACKER’s business model, sustainability is one of the company’s five strategic goals. Responsible stewardship means that WACKER also contributes to at least seven of the UN’s sustainable development goals.

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Vision & Goals


In 2018, the Bavarian state government commended WACKER for its exemplary policy of workplace inclusion. But how does inclusion reveal itself in everyday working life? Four WACKER employees give an account of how they make the most of their potential despite a disability. It is not always easy for them, but they take pleasure in their work and thus overcome both small and large hurdles.

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164.6 million

spent on R&D in 2018

Research & Development

active patents

and 1,700 patent applications currently pending

Sustainable Products


€  5.9 million

invested in environmental protection in 2018

Environmental Protection Costs

93 to 96 percent

hydrogen chloride recycled in closed production loops

Integrated Production


€  4.9 million

paid as donations or sponsorships during reporting period

Donations & Sponsorships

850 suppliers

rated in terms of their sustainability performance

Supply Chain

Dialogue & Materiality Analysis

Companies must have the consent and support of society. We want to maintain regular and open dialogue with all stakeholders. This is one of our business principles. We believe that dialogue offers us an opportunity to prepare for new challenges promptly, avoid risks and realize our full potential.

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Communication with Stakeholders

Production & Safety

WACKER has made progress in many areas that are of importance to sustainable business management. In the period under review, we invested €10 million in environmental protection.

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Environmental Protection Costs


WACKER needs committed and skilled workers if it is to remain innovative and competitive. Globalization, demographic change and new regulatory requirements are making diversity and inclusion as well as basic and advanced training increasingly important issues. Holding each employee’s skills and dedication in high regard, their diversity and inclusion enhance our company’s performance.

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Equal Opportunity


WACKER’s Production and Sales Sites and Technical Competence Centers1

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Production site

Sales site

Technical competence center

Number of WACKER bases and production sites for this area.

1 Only majority-owned subsidiaries and joint ventures