About this Report

Wacker Chemie AG’s sustainability report explains how the Group balances economic aspects with environmental and social responsibility. Published in English and German, our online report is also available as a printable PDF file. The facts and figures given in this report refer to fiscal years 2017 and 2018.

Unless otherwise stated, our statements apply to all business divisions and sites around the world, as well as to every subsidiary in which WACKER is the majority shareholder.

The Amsterdam and León production sites were included in the reporting of environmental indicators in 2018 for the first time.

In 2017, WACKER relinquished its majority stake in Siltronic AG. For the sake of comparability, the figures published in this report for both fiscal 2017 and fiscal 2016 exclude data on Siltronic as a former division.

The information on our Group structure and financial position was taken from WACKER’s 2017 and 2018 annual reports. To be as up to date as possible, we have a section in our Goals chapter to cover future topics from 2019 onward (editorial deadline: June 1, 2019).

Defining Key Topics

This report offers an honest and comprehensive account of sustainability at WACKER for the benefit of our customers, business partners, suppliers, shareholders, analysts, non-governmental organizations and authorities, as well as our employees and neighbors at our various sites. We established the main contents through ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders.

We conducted a survey of stakeholders and top management in 2018. We used the survey to determine which sustainability topics stakeholders and top management consider to be important for WACKER. The survey results led to a materiality analysis. This serves as a basis for specifying the contents of the sustainability report and reviewing and updating our sustainability strategy.

Reporting Criteria

Our reporting is based on the Sustainability Reporting Standards issued by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). A special index refers to the pages that contain information on the individual disclosures.

This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option. It also takes account of other aspects that relate to WACKER’s main sustainability issues. We had the GRI Materiality Disclosures Service – in which GRI Services reviewed that the GRI content index is clearly presented – and the references for Disclosures 102-40 to 102-49 aligned with appropriate sections in the body of the report.

For further details on WACKER’s commitment to sustainability, please visit www.wacker.com/sustainability.

Our next sustainability report, which covers the period 2019/2020, is scheduled to appear in 2021.

Barrier-Free Version

This report’s feature about inclusion is available as an easy-to-read, barrier-free version. The PDF about this article has a barrier-free design. We have added subtitles (in English or German) to the films accompanying the inclusion feature to enable the deaf to follow what’s being said.

The contents of this report apply to men and women alike even if gender-specific words (“he” or “she”) are used for simplification.