Management and Supervision

In compliance with the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG), Wacker Chemie AG has a two-tier management system, comprising an Executive Board and a Supervisory Board. The Executive Board has four members.

Wacker Chemie AG is the parent company and thus determines the Group’s strategy, overall management, resource allocation, funding, and communications with key target groups (especially with the capital market and shareholders).

On October 31, 2018, Harald Sikorski stepped down as employee representative on the Supervisory Board, as he had taken up a new post in another district outside Bavaria. At the Executive Board’s request, Jörg Kammermann was appointed to the Supervisory Board by order of the District Court of Munich on November 14, 2018.

Executive Board Responsibilities


Dr. Rudolf Staudigl

President & CEO


Executive Personnel, Corporate Development, Corporate Communications, Investor Relations, Corporate Auditing, Legal, Compliance, Retirement Benefits


Dr. Christian Hartel


WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS (since July 1, 2018)

Human Resources (Personnel Director), Corporate Research & Development (since July 1, 2018), Intellectual Property (since July 1, 2018), Corporate Engineering

Region: Asia


Dr. Tobias Ohler

Corporate Accounting and Tax, Corporate Controlling, Corporate Finance and Insurance, Information Technology, Procurement & Logistics

Region: The Americas


Auguste Willems

WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS (until June 30, 2018)

Sales & Distribution, Site Management, Corporate Security, Environment/Health/Safety, Product Stewardship, Corporate Research & Development (until June 30, 2018), Intellectual Property (until June 30, 2018)

Regions: Europe, Middle East


Executive Board and Supervisory Board in the 2017/2018 Reporting Period

At its meeting of December 7, 2017, the Supervisory Board of Wacker Chemie AG confirmed the re-appointments of president and CEO Dr. Rudolf Staudigl and Executive Board member Dr. Christian Hartel. Dr. Rudolf Staudigl’s contract was renewed for a further three years (until September 30, 2021) and that of Dr. Christian Hartel for five years (until October 31, 2023). Effective January 1, 2017, Manfred Köppl was elected as the new deputy chairman of the Supervisory Board. Hansgeorg Schuster joined the Supervisory Board on January 1, 2017, but then left it due to the sale on March 14, 2017 of shares in Siltronic AG. At the Executive Board’s request, Barbara Kraller was appointed to the Supervisory Board by order of the District Court of Munich on April 24, 2017.

At its meeting on March 6, 2018, the Supervisory Board of Wacker Chemie AG renewed the contract of Executive Board member Auguste Willems for a further five years (until December 31, 2023). On May 9, 2018, the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting in Munich elected the shareholder representatives for the Supervisory Board. Newly elected was Ann-Sophie Wacker, who replaced shareholder representative Dr. Thomas Strüngmann on the Supervisory Board.

All the other shareholder representatives were re-elected to the Supervisory Board. At its inaugural meeting, directly after the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, the Supervisory Board confirmed Dr. Peter-Alexander Wacker as its chairman. The employee representatives on the Supervisory Board had been elected by Wacker Chemie AG’s employees and executives before the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. They elected Ingrid Heindl to the Supervisory Board to replace Dagmar Burghart as employee representative.