Supply chain

Goals & Outlook

Supply chain

Status of Goals set in 2015/2016

Evaluate the sustainability performance of our main suppliers, which cover at least 70% of our procurement volume, as part of the “Together for Sustainability” (TfS) initiative

Corporate entity: Groupwide

Deadline: 2020

Implementation status:

More than 65 percent of our key suppliers and over 80 percent of the procurement volume they account for are covered by TfS.

Future Topics

The TfS Initiative and WACKER have set themselves the following goal over the next few years: to use the data acquired to make greater advances as regards improvements to the supply chain, as well as to place even greater emphasis on examining and remedying existing weak spots. We regularly discuss sustainability topics and possible improvements with our suppliers, such as by holding conferences and information events and conducting audits.

Our aim is to use TfS to evaluate the sustainability performance of all our key suppliers.

WACKER is aiming to become a member of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) by the end of 2019. The goal is to gradually increase the amount of certified palm oil used.