Group Strategy for the Next Two Years

Three levers will continue to determine WACKER’s business strategy over the next two years: expansion into emerging markets and regions, innovations, and the substitution of competitor products with WACKER products. The focal regions for further growth remain unchanged: Brazil, China, India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Of these, China offers the greatest potential. We continue to see good opportunities for growth in India. There is also potential for expanding our sales in the USA, an established market.

The completion of the new production site for polysilicon in Tennessee in 2015 will conclude our investments in large-scale plants for upstream products. Our strategic focus now is on less capital-intensive investments in plants for downstream products.

WACKER will drive forward its international expansion over the next two years. We will transfer even greater operational responsibility to the regions, in order to tailor our products even better to local requirements. We are systematically expanding our network of technical competence centers and WACKER ACADEMY sites.

We will carry on with the measures aimed at improving our profitability. The principal aspects are the following:

Resource-Management Measures




Productivity measures relating to the “Wacker Operating System” (WOS) program

Productivity and cost measures at WACKER POLYSILICON and Siltronic

Efficiency projects for corporate departments

Prudent HR planning