07 Investment Property

Wacker Chemie AG owns real estate at its production site in Cologne, Germany. This comprises land and infrastructure facilities (for energy, waste water, etc.). The land is rented out or leased on the basis of long-term agreements. No finance leases are involved. These properties and the associated infrastructure in Cologne are operated, maintained and looked after by third parties, who charge any costs incurred directly to the tenants or leaseholders. The rent and lease income is included in the following schedule.

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€ million










Fair value





Income from rent / operating leases















The fair value is based on the opinion of an external expert and is updated periodically, most recently in 2014.

From an economic standpoint, the only option open to a potential buyer would be to discontinue current operations and tear down the existing buildings to make the land available for a new use. The fair value was therefore determined using the market value based on potential proceeds from liquidation of the plant. This measurement took into account the current market situation and thus current prices. The fair value of investment property is allocated to level 2 in the fair value hierarchy. The residual carrying amount relates to the land. The valuation process has not been changed since the previous valuation date.