Annual Report 2021

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Creating tomorrow’s solutions

WACKER Communicates Closely with Capital Markets

Key elements of corporate strategy are sustainability and a focus on specialty chemicals. These priorities are reinforced through continuous and open communication with institutional investors, private investors and analysts. The latest conference and communication technologies enabled us to maintain and expand our contacts with investors despite the pandemic and associated travel restrictions. We organized two virtual Capital Market Days in 2021, both of which met with strong interest from our investors. During the course of the year, discussions were dominated by questions relating to the development of prices for solar-grade polysilicon, the development of business and the growth targets for WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS, the status of the Siltronic transaction, as well as the effects of rising raw-material and energy costs, and the price increases for our chemical products in the second half of the year.

The number of analysts covering WACKER was 20, unchanged year over year (2020: 20). During the year, analysts’ consensus price target for WACKER stock rose markedly. At the beginning of the year, the average price target for WACKER stock was €110.33 (18 estimates, January 2021). At year-end, analysts set their fair-value price target at €163.95 on average (20 estimates), roughly 49 percent higher than at the start of the year.

On our website, we regularly report consensus analyst expectations for the current year. Moreover, our website offers extensive information on WACKER stock. In addition to the annual report, other financial reports, a Fact Book, presentations and publications (viewable online or downloadable), our website lists all our key financial-calendar dates and contact persons for your questions. Videos of our annual press conference and other events are also available for online viewing, or as an audio stream.

Hyperpure polycrystalline silicon from WACKER POLYSILICON is used for manufacturing wafers for the electronics and solar industries. To produce it, metallurgical-grade silicon is converted into liquid trichlorosilane, highly distilled and deposited in hyperpure form at 1,000 degrees Celsius.