WACKER is a highly research-intensive, international chemical company. In 2011, we spent over €170 million on research and development. WACKER sees innovation as an important lever for profi table growth. We concentrate on two essential pillars: innovations in processes and innovations in products.

But it is not enough just to develop new ideas; they have to yield a benefit. That is why we place greatest priority on applications for our customers. Before we start a new project, we assess it for customer benefit, sales potential, profitability and technological positioning.

Process innovations are just as important to us. We are convinced that a company can only remain at the top of its game if it reduces costs and continually improves the efficiency of its processes.

This annual report shows how we manage innovations and successfully put them into practice. And it gives a glimpse of the future of electromobility, which is also one of WACKER’s fields of work.

How is something new created? Through a mix of knowledge, creativity and perseverance. And the will to make things better. We work at this day in, day out, constantly developing ourselve as well as innovative products.