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Wacker Chemie AG Annual Report 2012 (266 pages)
For Our Shareholders
Combined Management Report Business Environment
Combined Management Report Business Development
Combined Management Report Outlook
Financial Statements
Paths to Sustainability


All tables (138) of the Annual Report (indexed)
WACKER at a Glance
Cost of Capital
Installation of New PV Capacity in 2011 and 2012
Statement of Income
Statement of Financial Position – Assets
Statement of Financial Position – Equity and Liabilities
Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows
Statement of Changes in Equity
Reconciliation of Other Equity Items
Segment Information by Division – 2012
Segment Information by Division – 2011
Segment Information by Region – 2012
Segment Information by Region – 2011
Sales/Cost of Goods Sold/Other Operating Income/Other Operating Expenses
Earnings per Share/Dividend
Significant Group Companies – Affiliated Companies
Multiyear Overview