Market Capitalization Down – Still in Second Place in GEX Weightings

(Weighting as per December 28, 2012)

The performance of WACKER stock reduced the Group’s year-end market capitalization from €3.1 billion to €2.5 billion (total stock without treasury shares). WACKER’s MDAX market capitalization based on the free float, including treasury shares, was €744.6 million. WACKER thus had an MDAX weighting of 0.86 percent, and it is currently ranked sixth (by 12-month trading volume) and 42nd (by market capitalization) among the 50 companies in the index.

WACKER’s GEX weighting was 9.78 percent. Deutsche Börse’s GEX mid-cap index (introduced in January 2005) comprises owner-dominated companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Prime Standard) for no more than 10 years. At year-end 2012, WACKER continued to rank second in the GEX.