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Sustainability Report


Founded on a vision and goals, our strategy is an appreciation of what we aspire to achieve. Our focus is on profitable growth and securing a leading competitive position in most of our business fields. The fact that we have made sustainability one of our strategic goals emphasizes its importance.

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Vision & Goals
Goals and Future Topics

Electricity on Tap

Over the past three years, WACKER has been working on a major project in partnership with other renowned companies and research institutes: storing energy generated by renewable sources. The researchers want to convert surplus green electricity into methane gas. This would allow the energy to be stored easily in the natural-gas grid or in gas caverns. The greenhouse gas carbon dioxide acts as an aid.

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Feature Article: Electricity on Tap



€183.1 million

spent on R&D in 2014

Product Stewardship

270 projects

were handled by WACKER scientists based on more than 40 technology platforms

Corporate Research & Development


€10.5 million

invested in environmental protection

Environmental Protection Costs

94.6 percent

hydrogen chloride recycled in our closed production loops

Integrated Production



in donations and sponsorships

Donations and Sponsorships


teachers trained to use the CHEM2DO experiment kit



WACKER takes criteria for environmental and health protection as well as for safety into account at every stage of the product life cycle – every research and development project examines the sustainability aspects of our new products and processes. WACKER’s policy is to provide high-quality products that can be manufactured, transported, used and disposed of safely, with minimum environmental impact.

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Product Safety

Fit for Your Shift

In the summer of 2013, WACKER began working with the German statutory pension insurance system on a pilot project that would give a fresh new face to health care for shift workers. Nine times each year, up to 15 employees have an opportunity to join the program. “Nearly everyone who participates is much more relaxed at work afterwards,” says Dr. Ursula Bailer, one of WACKER’s company physicians.

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Feature Article: Fit for Your Shift


WACKER needs committed and skilled workers if it is to remain innovative and competitive. We offer our employees a sound foundation for exploiting their potential and continuing to develop their skills – whether in basic training or in a variety of advanced training options. There are training and incentives programs available for each qualification and career move.

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Advanced Training


Wacker Chemie AG
Sustainability Report