Management Structures for Sustainability

Wacker Chemie AG’s four-member Executive Board oversees the Group’s strategies, resources, infrastructure and organizational structure. Dr. Rudolf Staudigl is the Board’s President and CEO. Other members are Dr. Joachim Rauhut, Dr. Tobias Ohler and Auguste Willems, who is responsible for sustainability.

An Executive Board Meeting is WACKER’s highest decision-making authority. Below the Executive Board, there are various committees whose membership spans several organizational sectors and legal entities. These committees ensure that corporate strategies are implemented groupwide.

Coordinating Sustainability at WACKER








Committees / Meetings with Specific Executive Board Members








Executive Board Meeting








Corporate Strategy Committee








Corporate EHS1 Meeting


EHS Strategy Meeting


Health Promotion Steering Committee


Group Innovation Meeting








R&D2 Projects Conference


Supply Chain Conference












Corporate or Other Departments










Corporate Sustainability


Human Resources


Group Compliance Officer


Regional Compliance Officers








Research & Development


Executive Personnel


Group Coordinator for the Environment


Group Coordinator for Health












Group Safety Coordinator


Group Coordinator for Product Safety












Group Coordinator for Hazardous Goods


Group Coordinator for Export Controls








1 Environment, Health, Safety
2 Research & Development
3 Integrated Management System


Legal Officers and Representatives


Sustainability Officers






IMS3 Coordinators


Divisional R&D

The Corporate Strategy Committee (KUS), for example, deliberates on strategically important processes, potential market or competitor developments, and key special topics not directly related to daily operations. The committee comprises the entire Executive Board, business-division presidents and corporate-department heads.

The main committees for environment, health, safety and product safety are the annual Corporate Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Meetings and EHS Strategy Meetings, led by the Executive Board member responsible for EHS & PS. Employee health is addressed once a year by the Health Promotion Steering Committee chaired by WACKER’s personnel director. The Supply Chain Conference focuses on the Group’s productivity projects and goals and is led by the Executive Board member responsible for Corporate Engineering. The Group Innovation Meeting and the R&D Projects Conference cover innovation strategies and projects.

Environmental, health and safety officers meet for an international EHS & PS Conference once a year. Here, participants exchange experiences and discuss the progress of sustainability-related topics that apply groupwide. EHS & PS management focused on Europe in 2013 and on Asia in 2014. Related activities involved an increasing number of on-site inspections at our various plants.

The Corporate Sustainability department oversees the implementation of WACKER’s voluntary commitments under Responsible Care® and the Global Compact and coordinates our sustainability activities worldwide.