About this Report

Wacker Chemie AG’s sustainability report explains how the Group balances economic aspects with environmental and social responsibility. In 1989, WACKER was among the first companies to report on its environmental performance. We were also among the first to enhance our environmental reports with social and health information, creating our first sustainability report in 2002.

The present report, which builds on WACKER’s 2011/2012 sustainability report, is available in English and German. The facts and figures given in this report refer to fiscal years 2013 and 2014. Unless otherwise stated, our statements apply to all business divisions and sites around the world, as well as to every subsidiary in which WACKER is the majority shareholder. The information on our Group structure and financial position was taken from WACKER’s 2013 and 2014 annual reports. To be as up to date as possible, we have a section in our Goals chapter to cover future topics from 2015 onward (editorial deadline: June 30, 2015).

This report offers an honest and comprehensive account of sustainability at WACKER not only for our customers, business partners, suppliers and shareholders, but also for analysts, non-governmental organizations, the authorities, our sites’ neighbors and our employees. We established the main contents through ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders and a survey carried out in 2014. This international stakeholder survey asked 224 respondents what sustainability topics are most relevant and how well Wacker Chemie AG handles them.

Our reporting is based on criteria recommended by future and IÖW (the German institute of ecological economic research) as well as the international Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 guidelines. An index on the right (under “Services”) refers to the pages that contain information on the individual GRI indicators. We evaluated and assigned the degree of compliance with the GRI indicators ourselves (Application Level A). This assessment has been reviewed and verified by the GRI.

Our website provides further information on the topics discussed in this report. Information on WACKER’s sustainability efforts is also available at www.wacker.com/sustainability.

Our next sustainability report is scheduled for 2017.