Status of Goals for 2011/2012

Introduction of new health performance indicators:

  • Annual influenza inoculation of at least 20 percent of the Group workforce
  • Occupational diseases that have a short latency period (number of new cases)
  • First aid/rescue chain: at least one medical emergency drill per production site per year; effective first aid within three minutes
  • Completion of all scheduled occupational-health checkups on the basis of occupational hazard analyses
  • Each site to participate in Group campaigns on health promotion (in 2013: “Follow your heart”)

Corporate entity: Groupwide
Deadline: 2013
Implementation status: The goal was achieved. The individual points in detail:

  • Influenza inoculation was offered at all sites. Depending on the site, participation ranged from six to 30 percent.
  • The number of occupational diseases that have a short latency period was extremely low. Noise was the predominant cause of illness.
  • All production sites completed medical emergency drills.
  • All scheduled occupational-health checkups were completed.
  • All production sites participated in Group campaigns on health promotion.

Introduction of a groupwide talent-management system to foster employees of high potential, and filling of key positions
Corporate entity Groupwide
Deadline: 2014
Implementation status: The goal was achieved. The company established a new talent-management process in 2013, which is valid around the world. Its aim is to identify our employees’ potential earlier and to promote it.


With an inter-site employee survey, WACKER aims to identify its organization’s strengths and improvement potential. Furthermore, the instrument is to support managerial employees in improving the performance within their areas of responsibility.
Corporate entity: WACKER Germany
Deadline: 2015

“Health culture 2020” project: WACKER aims to develop its corporate health culture further in order to improve staff health and keep employees fit for work.
Corporate entity: WACKER Germany
Deadline: Implementation from 2016 on, sustainable improvements by 2020


New Executive-Development Programs
We will continue with the new approach to executive development that we started in 2014. In 2015, we launched two new formats for experienced managerial employees. The Learning Company seminar allows participants to assume different leadership roles as part of a model organization and obtain feedback on their performance from experienced instructors. During the External Peer Reflection program, our managers can exchange ideas with managerial employees of the same hierarchical level from other companies.

Initiative to Increase Diversity and Inclusion in the Workforce
Globalization, demographic change and new regulatory requirements are making diversity and inclusion increasingly important issues. In 2015, WACKER started a groupwide initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in the workforce. The company has joined the German nationwide “Diversity Charter” initiative. As a first step, we want to raise awareness for the topic among our management employees with the aid of incentive and discussion events. As a second step, the regions and departments will develop their own diversity and inclusion strategies and goals. WACKER Germany is focusing on gender age/experience, and cultural background.