Strategy at Each Business Division

As the world’s second-largest producer of , WACKER SILICONES wants to ensure profitable growth by continuing to increase its proportion of high-margin specialties. In the case of standard products, the focus is on achieving cost leadership as a full-range supplier with global reach. WACKER POLYMERS is pursuing growth by concentrating on the trend toward value-added construction materials and actively promoting related industry standards (transformation). The advantages offered by VAE and dispersible powders will assist in replacing conventional technologies (substitution) and tapping new application areas. WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS is focusing on the expansion of its biotech activities and on acquiring new customers. To this end, the division is leveraging its extensive expertise and production facilities, which enable it to make biotech products on an industrial scale. At WACKER POLYSILICON, top priorities are efficiency and high cash inflows from operating activities. The division is focusing on cutting production costs further, increasing the output of existing manufacturing plants, and reducing its consumption of energy and raw materials.

General term used to describe compounds of organic molecules and silicon. According to their areas of application, silicones can be classified as fluids, resins or rubber grades. Silicones are characterized by a myriad of outstanding properties. Typical areas of application include construction, the electrical and electronics industries, shipping and transportation, textiles and paper coatings.
Binary system in which one component is finely dispersed in another. VINNAPAS® dispersions are vinyl-acetate-based copolymers and terpolymers in liquid form. They are mainly used as binders in the construction industry, e. g. for grouts, plasters and primers.