22 Related Party Disclosures

IAS 24 stipulates that a person or company which controls, or is controlled by, Wacker Chemie AG must be disclosed unless the party in question is already included in Wacker Chemie AG’s consolidated financial statements as a consolidated company. A shareholder is deemed to have control if the shareholder has more than half of the voting rights in Wacker Chemie AG or, by virtue of provisions in the Articles of Association or contractual arrangements, has the possibility of controlling the financial and business policy of the WACKER Group’s Executive Board.

In the year under review, the WACKER Group was affected by the disclosure obligations under IAS 24 in respect of the business relations with Wacker Chemie AG’s major shareholders and its Executive and Supervisory Board members. The principles of IAS 24 also apply to all transactions with non-consolidated subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures, since Wacker Chemie AG exercises significant influence over them.

Dr. Alexander Wacker Familiengesellschaft mbH, Munich, informed Wacker Chemie AG on June 7, 2006, that it holds over 50 percent of the voting shares in Wacker Chemie AG. Blue Elephant Holding GmbH, Pöcking, informed Wacker Chemie AG on April 12, 2006, that it holds over 10 percent of the voting shares in Wacker Chemie AG.

The WACKER Group is controlled by its majority shareholder, Dr. Alexander Wacker Familiengesellschaft mbH, which holds over 50 percent of the voting shares in Wacker Chemie AG.

The provision of services between Wacker Chemie AG and its majority shareholder, Dr. Alexander Wacker Familiengesellschaft mbH, as well as with the shareholders of Dr. Alexander Wacker Familiengesellschaft mbH and their close family members, is of subordinate importance, and concerns the renting of office space and exchange of services. None of these services is of significant business scope. These transactions are conducted at arm’s length.

Further, WACKER Group companies have not conducted any material transactions with members of Wacker Chemie AG’s Executive or Supervisory Boards or with any other key management personnel or with companies of whose executive or supervisory bodies these persons are members. The same applies to close family members of the aforementioned persons.

Wacker Chemie AG’s pension fund is also considered a related party pursuant to IAS 24. The provision of services takes place between the two entities in the area of company pension plan benefits. WACKER makes payments to plan assets to cover pension obligations. Wacker Chemie AG also rents the headquarters building and the land on which it stands from a subsidiary of the pension fund. Overall, expenditures amounted to €36.6 million (versus €44.8 million in the prior year). As of December 31, 2017, receivables amounted to €31.5 million (versus €48.0 million), while liabilities came to €0.0 million (versus €0.5 million).

Further detailed information has been published in the German register of companies. www.unternehmensregister.de

Business with joint ventures and associates, the pension fund, and non-consolidated subsidiaries is conducted under conditions that are customary between outside third parties (arm’s length transactions). Contractually agreed transfer-price formulas have been defined for joint-venture and associated-company product shipments.

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Transactions with joint ventures and associates relate to such supplies and services that arise in the normal course of business (for example in connection with sales revenue, license revenue and administrative expense allocations). Joint ventures and associates submitted invoices for material purchases and commissions. Any guarantees or other security pledges are reported under Other Financial Obligations.

In 2014, Wacker Chemie AG entered into a contractual agreement to take on a certain number of Siltronic AG employees over a fixed period of five years.

In addition, there was a loan to an associate totaling €90.5 million (€96.4 million in the prior year).