Financing Strategy

The goal of WACKER’s financing strategy is to ensure sustainable growth and stability for the Group. This strategy comprises both financing through our own resources and the use of debt instruments.

We satisfy our capital requirements by means of operating , and short-term and long-term financing.

We ensure the Group’s ongoing solvency with rolling cash-flow management and sufficient contractually agreed lines of credit. Financing requirements are calculated for the entire Group, with loans usually being concluded centrally. Project-specific or regional funding is available in special cases. For details of the financing measures implemented in 2017, please refer to the Financial Position section.

Cash Flow
Cash flow represents the movement of cash and cash equivalents into or out of a business activity during a finite period. Net cash flow is the sum of cash flow from operating activities (excluding changes in advance payments received) and cash flow from long-term investing activities (before securities), including additions due to finance leases.