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WACKER’s Product Portfolio Is Geared to Construction Trends

The Olympic Games are returning to the “Bird’s Nest.” For the 2022 Winter Olympic celebrations, the National Stadium in Beijing will once again become an international showcase. It is a flagship of contemporary architecture and state-of-the-art construction technologies, in which WACKER’s products play a supporting role. All the stairs and corridors are overlaid with cementitious self-leveling flooring containing . “Though only used in relatively small amounts, they have a significant effect,” says Tanja Gebhard, director of technology management for binders for the construction industry. “Our binders are based on vinyl acetate- copolymer technology (VAE technology). They ensure that the flooring is easy to process, perfectly level, and quickly becomes firm enough to walk on after application.”

“Though only used in relatively small amounts, they have a significant effect.”

Tanja Gebhard
Tanja Gebhard has been responsible for technology management for polymeric construction binders since January 2017 (photo)

Tanja Gebhard has been responsible for technology management for polymeric construction binders since January 2017.

At the technical competence center in Burghausen, construction products are tested in the climatic chamber (photo)

At the technical competence center in Burghausen, construction products are tested in the climatic chamber.

No matter where in the world buildings are constructed, quality requirements are rising. More value is placed on efficient construction methods, sustainability and high-tech construction materials. In recent years, WACKER has consistently aligned its product portfolio with these trends. The huge potential market for these products can be seen with dry-mix mortars, for example. “It is estimated that 80 percent of the mortar used in the world is still not polymer-modified,” says Gebhard. While polymer-modified construction products have long been the norm in industrialized countries, emerging markets and developing economies still have a lot of ground to make up. With its ties to local customers and its training programs and application seminars, WACKER is capturing a large number of new markets. “Our global network of technical centers and the WACKER ACADEMY play a crucial role in this,” says Gebhard.

“Our global network of technical centers and the WACKER ACADEMY play a crucial role in this.”

Tanja Gebhard

Large-Format Tiles – a Mark of Prosperity in Emerging Economies

The number of people living in cities is increasing. Indeed, it is predicted that, by 2050, urban dwellers will number some seven billion – the total population of the Earth today. This trend will stimulate the construction industry, too. As incomes rise, there will also be a need for custom design. “People want large-format, high-quality tiles, which is driving demand for our products,” says Gebhard. VINNAPAS® dispersible polymer powders ensure good adhesion and the necessary flexibility of the tile adhesive, and even out the stresses between the tile and substrate. It is also very important that the tiles can be laid using the thin-bed technique. That means they are easy to apply, less time, sand and cement are needed, and, most importantly, are lower. The struggle for sustainable development will be won or lost in the cities.

“All over the world, building construction is more and more sustainable, durable and energy-efficient. Our polymer binders are a very important key to success here.” Tanja Gebhard, director of technology management for polymer binders for the construction industry
VINNAPAS ® modified mortar mixes save up to 80% sand and cement (photo)

VINNAPAS® modified mortar mixes save up to 80% sand and cement.

VINNAPAS® is WACKER’s brand name for dispersions, dispersible polymer powders, solid resins and their associated product solutions. VINNAPAS® dispersions and polymer powders are primarily used in the construction industry as polymeric binders, e.g. in tile adhesives, exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS)/external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS), self-leveling compounds, and plasters.
Dispersible Polymer Powders
Created by drying dispersions in spray or disc dryers. VINNAPAS® polymer powders are recommended as binders in the construction industry, e. g. for tile adhesives, self-leveling compounds and repair mortars. The powders improve adhesion, cohesion, flexibility and flexural strength, as well as water-retention and processing properties.
A polymer is a large molecule made up of smaller molecular units (monomers). It contains between 10,000 and 100,000 monomers. Polymers can be long or ball-shaped.
A colorless, slightly sweet-smelling gas that, under normal conditions, is lighter than air. It is needed as a chemical starting product for a great many synthetic materials, including polyethylene and polystyrene. It is used to make products for the household, agricultural and automotive sectors, among others.
Substance outputs, noise, vibrations, light, heat or radiation emitted into the environment by an industrial plant.