Major Sales Markets and Competitive Positions

The competitive positions of WACKER’s three biggest divisions by sales were unchanged in 2017. Globally, we rank among the top three suppliers for , for and based on vinyl acetate- (VAE), and for . For a number of products we are the world leader. Asia is the key sales region for our products, followed by Europe and the Americas.

Competitive Positions of WACKER’s Divisions

WACKER’s Competitive Positions




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(dispersible polymer powders/VAE dispersions)


Akzo Nobel (Elotex)
(dispersible polymer powders)/Celanese (dispersions)


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WACKER SILICONES is number two in the world and leads the market in Europe. WACKER is the global market leader in building-protection silicones. With their wide range of properties, silicones are used in every major industry. The largest growth potential lies in Asia.

WACKER POLYMERS is the world’s largest producer of VAE dispersions and dispersible powders. WACKER is the only company in the market to have a complete supply chain for dispersions and dispersible polymer powders in Europe, the Americas and Asia. At this division, too, we see Asia as the region with the largest growth potential.

WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS is the global market leader in and , and in polyvinyl acetate solid resins for gumbase. We hold a small but promising market position as a producer of bacterial pharmaceutical proteins and are continually working to expand that position. The division also offers fine chemicals in profitable niches.

Business at WACKER POLYSILICON is marked by volume growth and intense competition. Determining factors are the solar industry’s demand for polysilicon and market trends in the world’s solar sector. WACKER POLYSILICON is number two in the world in terms of production capacity. Our sales volume exceeded 70,000 metric tons in 2017.

General term used to describe compounds of organic molecules and silicon. According to their areas of application, silicones can be classified as fluids, resins or rubber grades. Silicones are characterized by a myriad of outstanding properties. Typical areas of application include construction, the electrical and electronics industries, shipping and transportation, textiles and paper coatings.
Binary system in which one component is finely dispersed in another. VINNAPAS® dispersions are vinyl-acetate-based copolymers and terpolymers in liquid form. They are mainly used as binders in the construction industry, e. g. for grouts, plasters and primers.
Dispersible Polymer Powders
Created by drying dispersions in spray or disc dryers. VINNAPAS® polymer powders are recommended as binders in the construction industry, e. g. for tile adhesives, self-leveling compounds and repair mortars. The powders improve adhesion, cohesion, flexibility and flexural strength, as well as water-retention and processing properties.
A colorless, slightly sweet-smelling gas that, under normal conditions, is lighter than air. It is needed as a chemical starting product for a great many synthetic materials, including polyethylene and polystyrene. It is used to make products for the household, agricultural and automotive sectors, among others.
Hyperpure polycrystalline silicon from WACKER POLYSILICON is used for manufacturing wafers for the electronics and solar industries. To produce it, metallurgical-grade silicon is converted into liquid trichlorosilane, highly distilled and deposited in hyperpure form at 1,000 ° C.
A polymer is a large molecule made up of smaller molecular units (monomers). It contains between 10,000 and 100,000 monomers. Polymers can be long or ball-shaped.
Cyclodextrins belong to the family of cyclic oligosaccharides (i. e. ring-shaped sugar molecules). They are able to encapsulate foreign substances such as fragrances and to release active ingredients at a controlled rate. WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS produces and markets cyclodextrins.
Cysteine is a sulfur-containing amino acid. It belongs to the non-essential amino acids, as it can be formed in the body. It is used, for example, as an additive in foods and cough mixtures. Cysteine and its derivatives are a business field at WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS.