In 2010, WACKER spent about €2.8 billion on sourcing raw materials, goods and services. We placed over 300,000 orders and call-offs for items ranging from abrasives to Ziegler catalysts.

Our procurement rate – as a percentage of sales revenue – was 59 percent. Such figures spotlight the vital role professional procurement management plays in WACKER’s success.

Importantly, we collaborate closely with suppliers and subcontractors – whether at a local, regional or global level. Although we often drive a hard bargain to obtain high-quality goods and services at the right price, we highly value close, fair and professional supplier relationships.

This Annual Report shows how we source the goods we need globally, and how we strike a fine balance between quality, price and supply security. It also reveals how we exploit global cost advantages and safeguard delivery capacities to fulfill each customer requirement wherever possible. In a year when – to everyone’s surprise – the economy rebounded vigorously, this was no easy task.

WACKER works continuously on making its procurement processes more efficient, targeted and structured. As these processes improve, procurement will increasingly create value for the entire Group and strengthen our ability to grow along with our customers.