Incident Management

Our safety management focuses on prevention. However, safety-critical events cannot always be avoided. For this reason, we operate a communication system known as CLICS (Closed Loop Incident Communication System), which helps us record real-time data on incidents anywhere in the company that are relevant to the environment, health and safety. The safety experts on site document such incidents on report forms, which they forward to a central email address. Once they have been assessed and action has been taken, these reports are then forwarded to other corporate entities with similar risk levels, so that they can benefit from any insights provided by the incidents.

Every WACKER site has its emergency response plan detailing cooperation between internal and external emergency response teams, and with the authorities. Once a year, the plant fire departments in Burghausen and Nünchritz conduct emergency drills coordinated with the local fire and emergency services. These drills provide a practical opportunity to rehearse a large-scale emergency response. Afterward, the exercise is analyzed to identify and eliminate any weak points.

Not only do WACKER’s plant fire departments train fire departments from the local area – they also invite the fire departments of other companies and municipalities to WACKER sites, where they can plan their response to accidents involving hazardous goods.

In 2012, the communications officers at the German production sites attended an emergency-response training course. Various scenarios, such as the escape of a substance from production, were played out during a workshop lasting several days to give the attendees a chance to practice their communications in emergency situations.

TUIS: Accident Assistance

The German chemical industry established its Transport Accident Information and Emergency Response System (TUIS) in 1982 to provide assistance in the event of chemical accidents. WACKER was involved in this network right from the start. Today, TUIS comprises some 130 chemical companies, along with their plant fire departments and specialists (chemists, toxicologists, production experts, etc.). Public services, such as fire departments, police and disaster control agencies, can contact TUIS for telephone consultation services or request specialized equipment or assistance from experts. TUIS is part of the German chemical industry’s contribution to the Responsible Care® initiative. WACKER’s TUIS experts can be called on to assist with accidents involving our products anywhere in the world.

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WACKER Firefighters’ Activities for TUIS






















Stage 1 Expert advice by phone







Stage 2 Expert advice at accident scene







Stage 3 Technical assistance at accident scene