Personnel Development

Motivated and well-qualified employees provide the basis for WACKER’s success. We offer our employees an optimal foundation for exploiting their potential and continuing to develop their skills – beginning with vocational training all the way to a variety of advanced training options. There are training and incentives programs available for each qualification and career move.

We reorganized Human Resources and reallocated responsibilities in 2011. The new organization centers on two main components. The first is HR support for business divisions and corporate departments. The second one involves functions relating to services and expertise. The latter includes personnel and social policies, personnel development, compensation systems and payroll accounting, groupwide talent management and the establishment of strategic HR planning. These tasks are now consolidated across the entire Group, and cover Siltronic, which previously handled such issues within its own organization.

We established a Corporate HR Marketing department as part of the reorganization. It is tasked with developing a specific employer brand for WACKER. This brand will give us a fresh face on the labor market and make us even more attractive to future employees, above all from engineering and the natural sciences. Nearly 60 percent of the college graduates at WACKER are engineers.

In 2011, we surveyed our employees about WACKER's employer characteristics. We then used the results to create our current employer profile.