The Indian Recipe for Success A Local Start then Global Success

WACKER already has a long and successful track record in India with silicones for the textile industry. The booming market for personal-care products, on the other hand, was still uncharted territory. With persistence and innovation, the India team gained a foothold in this market, developing it into a global business.

Only Seven Days to a Solution

Manoj Shetty still clearly recollects the difficult beginnings. “I was supposed to do something about prospecting for customers in the personal-care sector,” says the Indian. “But there were hardly any customers.” So Shetty visited the biggest producer in South Asia, a multinational manufacturer of consumer goods. The first visits were sobering, considering that WACKER didn’t have any business relationships with this customer anywhere in the world. But Shetty didn’t give up. “It was clear that if I didn’t manage to sell them anything, I would have lost.”

His tenacity was rewarded. The company’s haircare team in India changed to WACKER, and looked for ideas for a silicone emulsion. Shetty dispatched his colleagues Amit Kumar Paul and his development team from Calcutta. After only seven days, they came up with a solution. Now, WACKER supplies the emulsion to this company worldwide. Other major manufacturers followed.

Enlarge imageSilicones in shampoos or conditioners (photo)

Silicones in shampoos or conditioners make
hair soft and glossy.

A Genuine Innovation Partner

The purchasers quickly realized that WACKER is a flexible and committed partner. “With our specialty chemicals, we can respond to customer needs precisely,” says Shetty. “We have become a real innovation partner, not only for shampoos,” adds Amit Kumar Paul.

WACKER Sales Growth in India

WACKER Sales Growth in India (bar chart)WACKER Sales Growth in India (bar chart)

The local business has grown into a long-term global partnership with annual growth rates of about 30 percent. To meet the increasing demand, WACKER has expanded its production in China, India, Brazil and Germany, and in 2013 was honored as one of the company’s key suppliers. The award is now displayed in the Munich HQ. But the first person to be allowed to take it back to his office was Manoj Shetty.