Risks and Opportunities

Wacker Chemie AG’s business performance is subject to the same risks and opportunities as the WACKER Group. Wacker Chemie AG’s exposure to the risks associated with its subsidiaries and investments depends on the size of its stakes in the respective entities. The measurement of joint ventures and associates is affected in particular by the risks specified in the Risk Management Report. Through our subsidiaries and holdings, we could face impairments arising from legal or contractual contingencies (especially financing). These contingencies are explained in the Notes to the financial statements of Wacker Chemie AG. As the parent company of the WACKER Group, Wacker Chemie AG is integrated in the groupwide risk management system.

For further details, see the chapter Financial Instruments of this Annual Report. The description of the internal control system for Wacker Chemie AG, as mandated by Section 289 (5) of the German Commercial Code (HGB), can be found in the section on the Internal Control System (ICS) and the Internal Control System for Accounting.