Group Strategy for the Next Two Years

Three levers will continue to determine WACKER’s business strategy in the coming years: expansion into emerging markets and regions; innovations; and the substitution of competitors’ products with WACKER products. Our focal regions for further growth remain unchanged: Brazil, China, India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Of these, China offers the greatest potential. We continue to expect good growth opportunities for our products in India. In addition, we see chemical-business growth potential for our established markets in Europe and the Americas. Further details about strategy can be found in the Goals and Strategies section of this report.

WACKER’s international presence will increase in the coming years, supported by regional expansion projects in our various markets. We will transfer even more operational responsibility to the regions. Our aim is to tailor our products even better to local requirements. To this end, we will broaden the international scope of our R&D activities. We are also systematically extending our network of technical competence centers and WACKER ACADEMY sites.