Annual Report 2022

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Legal Structure

In November 2005, WACKER became a stock corporation (AG) under German law. Headquartered in Munich, Wacker Chemie AG holds a direct or indirect stake in 50 companies belonging to the WACKER Group. The consolidated financial statements cover 46 fully consolidated companies. Four companies are accounted for using the equity method. In addition, Wacker Chemie AG and a number of its subsidiaries have branch offices, but these are of only minor significance for the Group.

For more information about changes in the scope of consolidation and the resulting effects, please refer to the Scope of Consolidation section in the Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements.

Group Structure

Group Structure (graphic)

Four Business Divisions

WACKER has a matrix organization with clearly defined functions and four business divisions.

Each business division has global responsibility for its products, manufacturing facilities, markets, customers and results. Regional organizations are responsible for all business in their respective countries. WACKER’s corporate departments primarily provide services for the whole Group, although some also have production-related functions.

Group Structure in Terms of Managerial Responsibility

Group Structure in Terms of Managerial Responsibility (graphic)