Annual Report 2022

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Creating tomorrow’s solutions


WACKER’s success is a team effort, involving the whole workforce. Skilled, committed people keep WACKER innovative and competitive. It is important to us that all our employees enjoy equality of opportunity. We offer attractive compensation, good promotion prospects and a share in our company’s success.

Personnel matters are dealt with by the corresponding Executive Board committees.

We have defined goals in order to maintain our long-term innovative and competitive strength, and to recruit and retain highly qualified employees. These are:

  • Systematically promote health
  • Maintain and enhance WACKER’s appeal
  • Advertise and recruit for professions critical to WACKER’s success
  • Align in-house vocational training to meet future needs
  • Encourage civic engagement, for example by encouraging young people to explore science and engineering

We continue to strengthen our organizational culture by emphasizing the following key topics:

  • Empowerment,
  • Collaboration, and
  • Involvement and performance,
  • All of which rest on the pillars of trust and purpose.

Through this initiative, WACKER is advancing the Group’s transformation into an even more flexible organization that relies more strongly on the individual responsibility of its employees. Another contribution to this transformation are the open spaces planned for our new headquarters in Munich Werksviertel, a new commercial and residential district, where HQ construction progressed to the point that a topping-out ceremony was held in November of the reporting year.