Annual Report 2022

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Creating tomorrow’s solutions

Our Compass Until 2030 Charting a Strategic Course for Corporate Success

Pursuing the right strategy is like working a puzzle: the pieces all have to fit together in a way that makes sense. Strategy is also a critical factor in guaranteeing a company’s long-term success. For more than 100 years, wacker has been able to successfully hold its own in the marketplace with a strategy geared to customers, markets and products. As part of that process, we have changed and realigned ourselves again and again, and 2022 has marked just such a strategic turning point – one where growth and sustainability go hand in hand. We want to grow profitably while significantly reducing our absolute greenhouse gas emissions. This long-term strategy – the compass that will guide us between now and 2030 – is informed above all by the conviction that our solutions make a better world for generations.

Substance outputs, noise, vibrations, light, heat or radiation emitted into the environment by an industrial plant.