Sustainability Report 2019/2020

Creating tomorrow’s solutions


Skilled, committed workers keep WACKER innovative and competitive.

It is important to us that all our employees enjoy equality of opportunity. We offer them attractive compensation, good promotion prospects and a share in our company’s success. All key personnel matters are dealt with by the corresponding Executive Board committees.

Initiative to Evolve Corporate Culture

In 2019, the Group’s Executive Board and senior executives rolled out a groupwide initiative to hone and evolve WACKER’s corporate culture. The initiative focuses on the values of

  • Empowerment
  • Collaboration
  • Involvement and performance
  • All these values rest on the pillars of trust and purpose.

Through this initiative, WACKER is seeking to advance the Group’s transformation into an even more flexible organization that relies more strongly on the individual responsibility of its employees.

Protection and Collaboration during the Coronavirus Pandemic

While the coronavirus pandemic lasts, our goal is to encourage the right behavior so as to minimize the risk of infection in the workplace and thus protect our employees. We issue detailed guidelines and requirements, e.g. on our intranet or in flyers.

Whether WACKER employees work remotely, take part in virtual meetings or use digital tools, the pandemic has shown how well they can handle crises – by taking a pragmatic approach and maintaining their focus on their customers and the business. A project group called Lessons Learned from Corona has collected employees’ experiences during the pandemic and drawn conclusions from them for our future work organization. Interviews with employees from business divisions and corporate departments worldwide resulted in five key issues:

  • Health
  • Remote work
  • Virtual meetings
  • Efficient information sharing
  • Digital tools

On the production and logistics fronts, modified shift procedures and active pandemic management by Health Services, for example, enabled WACKER to protect the health of its employees and uphold customer deliveries. With their pronounced sense of responsibility, WACKER’s employees were instrumental in this success.

New Intranet

A new version of WACKER GLOBE, the Group’s intranet, was launched in 2020, boasting a contemporary design and enhanced functions. The intranet simplifies information sharing and cooperation within the Group, and that is particularly crucial in times of change and virtual collaboration.