Sustainability Report 2019/2020

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Environmental Performance Assessment

We continually improve our resource efficiency and reduce specific emissions in order to minimize the environmental footprint of our production processes. Since 2008, we have used an environmental performance assessment (EPAS) system in which we convert sites’ emissions, consumption and energy usage to environmental units. We revised this system during the period under review, developing it into a monitoring tool.

As of 2020, we now report our specific environmental performance in terms of environmental units per kiloton of net production. We have defined quantifiable environmental aspects across the Group that incorporate purchased electricity, water consumption, significant emissions, and wastewater and solid wastes.

For monitoring the Group’s environmental performance, we developed the EPAS calculator, which summarizes relevant aspects in the form of an environmental performance indicator. Each production site makes its own individual contribution based on the environmental aspects relevant to a given site’s region.

Environmental Performance Assessment