Sustainability Report 2019/2020

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Sustainable Palm Oil

Palm oil is facing criticism for its association with frequent violations of human rights and environmental protection guidelines during its recovery. Even though WACKER does not procure large quantities of palm oil, we want to make sure that we obtain this renewable raw material from sustainable, certified sources.

We are seeking RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certification for ourselves and have made it our goal to increase the proportion of certified material in the palm oil that we use. WACKER SILICONES and WACKER POLYMERS use palm oil in the form of various fatty acid derivatives, mainly RSPO-certified ones.

The RSPO initiative is accelerating the implementation of sustainable practices in the global palm oil industry. In order to become certified, manufacturers have to demonstrate that they have a material-flow control system. In addition, certified producers commit to complying with human rights standards, to reducing emissions and to refraining from clearing forests for plantations and from planting in peatlands with biotopes for protected species.