Sustainability Report 2019/2020

Creating tomorrow’s solutions

Supply Chain

Status of Goals from 2017/2018

Evaluate the sustainability performance of our main suppliers, which cover at least 70 percent of our procurement volume, as part of the “Together for Sustainability” (TfS) initiative.

Corporate entity: Groupwide
Deadline: 2020
Implementation status: Goal achieved. 81 percent of our key suppliers and over 94 percent of the procurement volume accounted for by them are covered by TfS.

New Goals

Over 90 percent of our key suppliers can present verifiable proof of a positive contribution to sustainability.

Corporate entity: Groupwide
Deadline: 2030


TfS and WACKER will seek out and eradicate weaknesses in the supply chains even more assiduously. We will aim to use TfS to rate the sustainability performance of all our key suppliers.

One key focus for us will be the carbon footprint in the supply chain (Scope 3). TfS will develop standards and processes for querying suppliers in a consistent manner and evaluating the resultant data.