Annual Report 2023

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Creating tomorrow’s solutions

Strategy at Each Business Division

Sales growth at the two chemical divisions WACKER SILICONES and WACKER POLYMERS is expected to pick up speed. At the same time, profitability is to continue rising. The EBITDA margin is planned to surpass 20 percent by 2030. The previous target for the chemical divisions was 16 percent. ROCE is to be more than twice the cost of capital. To intensify growth in specialties, capacity will be expanded in the local regions and markets where customers do business. Investment spending is to double to over €400 million annually.

WACKER SILICONES continues to systematically pursue its specialty chemicals strategy, focusing on high-margin growth markets. This approach centers on strengthening customer proximity in the regions with the help of technical services and local product development of customized customer solutions. This strategy is underscored by the investment in the Chinese specialty silane manufacturer SICO Performance Material. With its plant in Panagarh (India), the division is continuing to strengthen its market leadership in India.

WACKER POLYMERS is supporting future market growth worldwide. During the years from 2020 to 2023, the division more than doubled its production capacity at its Chinese site in Nanjing, for example. The portfolio for sustainable product solutions will be expanded, including those based on renewable raw materials. The same applies to customer-specific solutions.

WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS will reach new dimensions by 2030. By that point in time, annual sales are planned to rise to around €1 billion, driven by organic growth and targeted acquisitions, while the EBITDA margin is to reach more than 25 percent. This strategy is focused on the business with biopharmaceuticals. The Halle site is currently being expanded to create an mRNA competence center. The second pillar is fermentation-based manufacturing of ingredients for nutritional supplements. In this area, WACKER acquired the company ADL BioPharma S.L.U. in León, northern Spain, in 2023. The plan is to expand the division’s product portfolio with internal innovation, partnerships and further acquisitions. Annual investment spending is to exceed €80 million.

At WACKER POLYSILICON, the EBITDA margin should be above the 30-percent mark by 2030. ROCE is to be more than twice the cost of capital. The division wants to continue strengthening its position, particularly in the semiconductor business. The share of semiconductor-grade hyperpure silicon in the division’s total output will continue to rise. Investment spending should reach around €100 million annually.