Annual Report 2023

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Creating tomorrow’s solutions

Financing Strategy

The goal of WACKER’s financing strategy is to ensure sustainable growth and stability for the Group. This strategy comprises both financing through our own resources and the use of debt instruments.

We ensure the Group’s ongoing solvency with rolling cash-flow planning and an adequate volume of contractually agreed lines of credit. Financing requirements are calculated for the entire Group, with loans usually being taken out at the corporate level. In individual cases, financing is available for specific projects or regions.

For details of the financing measures implemented in 2023, please refer to the Financial Position section.

Operational Metrics as Leading Indicators of Future Developments

By using specific leading indicators based on operations, we try to anticipate potential developments in our business plans and to allocate capacities accordingly. Since our operations are based on diverse businesses and markets, we use a number of leading indicators to gain insights into potential developments at each of our business divisions. Indicators include trends in raw-material and energy prices, as well as data from our own market research and discussions with customers.