Annual Report 2023

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Procurement and Logistics (Unaudited Section)

In 2023, WACKER’s procurement volume fell to €4.6 billion (2022: €5.6 billion). The reduction is mainly attributable to much lower raw material and energy prices and volumes, while expenditure on technical materials and services increased in line with higher investment spending. At 72 percent, the procurement rate – raw materials, services and other materials as a percentage of sales – was above the prior-year level (2022: 68 percent). The number of suppliers, at around 12,000, was up on the prior year.

The Group spent €2.7 billion to procure energy, raw materials and packaging, roughly 30 percent less than in the previous year (2022: €3.9 billion). This decline can be traced back first and foremost to lower raw material prices and volumes.