Annual Report 2023

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Creating tomorrow’s solutions

Sustainable Products

Thanks to its diverse array of products, WACKER is helping preserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse gases. We are developing not only modern products for the world of tomorrow, but also pioneering solutions, so that these products make a positive contribution to sustainability throughout the entire life cycle. In this way, we are supporting issues affecting the future of our planet, such as renewable energy sources, the future of construction, digitalization, electromobility, nutrition, health and quality of life. Our products can be found in solar modules, cars and building materials, not to mention a great many everyday objects and consumer goods. Our contribution enables our customers to provide even more sustainable solutions for the end market, thereby jointly advancing the transformation toward a more sustainable economy and society.

Transforming the supply chain to create a circular economy will play an increasing role here. We have used the mass balance approach to begin the transformation toward a net zero circular economy. This process allows us to save fossil resources while preserving the quality of our products. Collaboration with customers and business partners is essential to the development of products compatible with the circular economy.

A selection of our sustainable products can be found along with additional information in our online app WACKER City.