Employee Information and Health Programs

WACKER sensitizes employees to health risks. WACKER Germany regularly organizes health campaigns on various topics. In 2010, for example, it ran campaigns devoted to healthy eating and exercise. Additionally, it offers fitness classes. The health-promotion programs also include addiction seminars and back training. Employees at all WACKER sites worldwide are offered an annual voluntary flu vaccination, free of charge.

In 2009, WACKER introduced a new training course called Fit for Leading. During this three-day seminar, managerial staff can review and improve their lifestyle patterns with regard to health, as well as develop a healthy leadership style.

At WACKER, prevention of drug dependence is important. Alcohol is forbidden at work, and there are courses to help smokers kick the habit. All managers are required to attend classes on the prevention of drug dependence that will enable them to recognize employees who are at risk or already addicted, and to encourage them to seek the proper treatment. For several years, managers have also had training in recognizing and handling employees suffering from stress.

Fighting Back Strain: the Back Fitness Project Fighting Back Strain: the Back Fitness Project (photo)

Lack of exercise and incorrect lifting and posture often cause back problems. Affected employees suffer from pain and impaired quality of life, and are frequently off sick or restricted at the workplace. For this reason, WACKER started a pilot project at the Burghausen site in 2010. Twice a week, employees with back problems attend training sessions in the fitness room of the local sports club, supervised by a physiotherapist. First, the strength of the torso muscles is measured in each participant, and an exact diagnosis is made. Based on these two parameters, an individual training plan is designed. After just a few months, measurements showed a significant increase in muscle strength. The participants felt much better, and periods of absence because of back problems were reduced.

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Days lost through illness divided by target working time in days x 100; WACKER Germany

Sickness Rate1







The number of recognized occupational diseases is low at WACKER’s German sites. Noise is the most frequent cause of illness; there are some isolated cases where previous exposure to asbestos has caused occupational diseases. So far, WACKER has not evaluated groupwide figures concerning occupational diseases of its employees because the criteria for the recognition of illnesses as occupational vary from country to country.